Bare Bones Bodywork
Be the change...


Welcome!   Thank you for visiting the Bare Bones Bodywork website.  This website is continuously changing and improving, so it may look new and hopefully improved every time you stop by.

Do you have personal goals for the following?

- Health

- Wellness

- Fitness    

- Balance (Physical, Work/Life, Stress...)

- Pain management

- Quality of life 

- and more...


Massage and Bodywork can help you acheive those goals.  See the 'Benefits of Massage and Bodywork' page for more info.  

I like to help my clients attain, maintain and even transcend their goals and expectations for how well they can look and feel.  When we feel good, we look good too.  I have limited space available for the right clients.  Are you ready?

Be the change...




AJ Soracco

Licensed Massage Therapist/Bodyworker/Instructor