Bare Bones Bodywork
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Services and Rates

Receiving bodywork is an investment in your health and wellness.  It takes time, money and commitment.


Licensed and/or Certified Services (Modalities):

Prenatal:  Massage or Bodywork for pregnant clients

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques:  Deep and/or specific area of concentrated work

Deep Tissue Massage

Thai Bodywork


Kinesio Taping 


Sports Massage & Bodywork:  Runners, Swimmers, Boxers, MMA, Tri-athletes, Iron Men and Women, Dancers, etc

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)  Therapy:  Stimulating electrical pulses go deep into neuromuscular tissues to help alleviate nerve, muscle, repetitive pain/postures, acute/chronic conditions and much more

Aromatherapy:  Essential Oils help the body heal itself in many ways, and they smell nice too

Face Lift Massage and Facial Cupping 

Integrative Therapy:  Combined modalities for a customized session based on your needs


Session Rates:

45 minutes     $65

60 minutes     $80

90 minutes     $110


Bundled session rates are available - please inquire!


Corporate Massage:

$125/ hour plus fees*

*4 hour minimum, parking, freight or loading dock, or all other incurred fees